Thursday, November 3, 2011

One week left in Lee Harris' run-off and more photos from Occupy Memphis


There is less than a week left in the run-off election between Lee Harris (a union member, resident of district 7 and son of an air-conditioning repair man) and Kemba Ford (want-to-be actress and scion of the corrupt political machine that has been keeping Memphis one of the poorest cities in the nation for far too long). Tomorrow, join the Marxist Student Union at the Harris campaign headquarters from 1-3 pm as we lend our support to Lee Harris' ongoing effort to improve the city of Memphis by being an advocate for the working class!

Last weekend, the Labor Agenda broadcast from Occupy Memphis and helped educate the Occupiers on the history and current concerns of the labor movement in Memphis. The editor was particularly glad that Chad Johnson from AFSCME stuck around after the show and broke it down for us. I am sure everyone at AFSCME knows how lucky they are to have him.
Below I have included a few pictures from the event.

In Solidarity,

The University of Memphis Marxists

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