Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vigil for Troy Davis


Members of the Marxist Student Union were present at the vigil for Troy Davis who was murdered yesterday by the State of Georgia. Representatives from the student organizations present  were invited to say a few words on this sad occasion.  After representatives from the Progressive Student Association, the University of Memphis NAACP, the Black Student Association, and two sororities (whose names escape me) spoke, the V.P. of the Marxist Student Union expressed gratitude for having the chance to stand in solidarity with his fellow students against this injustice. He went on to say that the death of Troy Davis shows the hypocrisy of our system and its claims to embody freedom and justice. He closed saying that he and the membership of the Marxist Student Union look forward to the day when justice is available to all, real justice not just justice before the law. Justice where no man has to pick up a gun to make ends meet, where no one feels the need to commit crime because everyone has enough.

After the vigil a few people asked about the Marxist Student Union’s next meeting and took fliers with them. It would be good if this vigil led to a greater sense of cooperation and solidarity between all student organizations devoted to the cause of equality.

Follow the link to read more about Troy Davis' story, and to learn more about the admirable work being done by Amnesty International

In Solidarity,

The University of Memphis Marxists

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