Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Doing the work


Last night a handful of us did our small part to help pro-union and anti-discrimination, candidate for City Council (not to mention University of  Memphis professor of Law) Lee Harris in his campaign to improve district 7 and the city of Memphis. It was great to be able to call our fellow voters and hear what was important to them and let them know how Lee Harris intends to represent them on City Council. Let's all resist the urge to be armchair philosophers and continue to do our job as workers to support campaigns that put people before profits.

Our next meeting is Friday, September 30th at 5pm in UC208. Feel free to print out and post the above where ever possible and invite your friends to join us. You should start seeing the fliers in the University Center and around campus beginning tomorrow.

In Solidarity,

The University of Memphis Marxists

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