Friday, September 16, 2011

Next on the agenda


If you missed this evening's meeting, no fear. Copies of the two handouts are available below. It was really nice meeting everyone and we hope to see you all Tuesday evening in the lobby

This Tuesday we are all meeting in Mitchell at 5:30 pm to caravan over to Lee Harris' campaign headquarters and work his phones until around 7pm. Lee Harris is a pro-union candidate running for the district 7 city council seat. To learn more about the candidate and where he stands check out: Regardless of how you feel about the candidate, Tuesday evening will be a good chance to get a glimpse into the local political process.    

The next meeting of the MSU will be September 30th from 5-7:30 in a yet to be determined room of the University Center. At our second meeting we will talk about Lenin's article "The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism." for about 30 minutes before watching Michael Moore's "Capitalism, A Love Story." The Lenin article is very short, but it would be good if we all read it a few days before our next meeting to give ourselves enough time to really figure out what Lenin is saying and why we agree or disagree with him.

For October, we are reading the infamous and oft-banned Communist Manifesto. The Manifesto is much longer than the Lenin piece and we should try to give ourselves enough time to read it very closely over a day or so.

In Solidarity,

The University of Memphis Marxists

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