Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Marxist Student Union endorses Occupy Memphis

Pending Union approval the following will be delivered to Occupy Memphis at the next convenient General Assembly (likely after Oct 16).

The Marxist Student Union endorses Occupy Memphis
            After speaking with our colleagues in Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Los Angeles, Occupy Chicago, Occupy Austin, and other cities, combined with what our members have witnessed within the local working groups and General Assemblies, we feel confident that Occupy Memphis is a localized expression of the larger national movement and a voice of the 99%.   
            We feel that people who must work to survive defines the 99% versus the 1% who simply exploit our labor. In a close-to-ideal society each of us would get what we need, be it education, housing, employment, or medical care. In that society each of us would have the same access to political power and recourse before the law. In that society each of us, based upon relative wealth/riches, would contribute to the overall endeavor of society to ensure all are included and cared for.
It is our sincere hope that our endorsement is seen as nothing more than it is: a statement of solidarity with the working class of Memphis who have taken the reins of democracy in their hands without waiting for permission.

            While we are a small organization, we want to express our support of Occupy Memphis and the people working day and night to make it happen.
In Solidarity,
The University of Memphis Marxists

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  1. Yawn. Wake up when the protests get violent.