Thursday, July 21, 2011

The University of Memphis Approves of Marxism


This afternoon the University of Memphis recognized the Marxist Student Union as a Registered Student Organization.

Stay tuned for our calender of events this semester, to view our ad in the Daily Helmsman and to learn about our booth in the University Center.

In Solidarity,

The University of Memphis Marxists.


  1. Great work comrades!!! Congrats on getting this up and running.

  2. Will there be a facebook page for the MSU?

  3. One last comment - I'm having trouble linking to this site from the Memphis Club site. Do you have your settings set up so that there is no feed or somesuch?

  4. Sorry Comrade, I have no idea why you are having trouble linking to this site. If you determine that there is anything that can be done on our end please let us know.

    Expect a facebook page in the very near future.